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              2018年托福备考规划>>点击查看 整体 听力 口语 阅读 写作

              为帮助大家考前适应考试紧张的节奏,新东方网托福频道在此与大家分享2018年10月20日托福口语考试独立题练习题目。以下内容仅供参考,希望对大家进行托福最后?#30446;?#21069;冲刺有所帮助。更多题目 点击查看2018年10月20日预测汇总

              Task 1:

              1. Some students prefer to study for exam at night while other students prefer to study in the day. Which do you prefer, explain why.

              2. Students study in a variety of ways. Explain how your study habits are different from those of other students you know.

              3. Teachers now tend to give students group assignment instead of individual assignment. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of it.

              4. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of universities located in small town or rural areas.

              5. Which of the following library volunteer would you want to choose to do:

              1) helping people find the right material

              2) reading to kids

              3) keeping bookshelves organized?

              6. Your university has acquired a piece of land next to the campus. There have been three options for the use of the land. Which do you prefer? Why?

              1) the athletic facilities and stadiums

              2) a park with nature trails

              3) centers for students and hotel for campus guests

              7. The university decides to remodel the dormitory and add a new space to it. Which space do you recommend to add in your dormitory?

              1) Cafe

              2) Study room

              3) Game room

              8. Which do you prefer: new books or second-hand books?

              9. What should parents do to help their kids to develop money management skills?

              10. Describe one experience that your friend disappointed you and how you reacted to it.

              11. What is the most important habit that parents can teach their children?

              12. Which of the following background do you think a potential government leader should have?

              1) Military background

              2) Business background

              3) Legal background

              13. If a mayor is to be selected from the following candidates, who all have no political experience but are successful in their own field, which one do you think is the best candidate for mayor?

              1) A university professor

              2) A businessman

              3) A doctor

              14. Which one of the following do you think is the most important quality for an entrepreneur?

              1) outgoing

              2) clear-minded

              3) innovative

              15. Talk about a popular actor, musician, or artist whose work you do not admire.Explain why you do not like this person’s work. Use specific details and reasons in your response.

              16. Which of following aspects do you think contributes most to country's success?

              1) many business opportunities

              2) well rounded medical care system

              3) a developed educational system

              17. What is most popular website in your country?

              18. Which of the following has the greatest impact on students’ life?

              1) electronic books

              2) smart phones

              3) online courses

              19. Which one of the following means of transportation do you consider to be the most enjoyable?

              1) bicycle

              2) automobile

              3) train

              Explain why you enjoy it.

              20. If a foreign teacher comes to your country to teach high school student, what suggestions will you give him for preparation?托福考试成绩查询





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