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              2019-02-20 15:54



              2019年留学备考规划>>点击查看 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT SAT


              1.which of the following three affects productivity the most?

              ①the working environment, like noises and distractions


              ③ personal interest

              2.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

              It is difficult for teachers to be both popular (well-liked) and effective in helping students to learn.

              3.In order to get a higher promotion and salary, many people chose to improve their job

              performance in two ways. Which one do you prefer? Why?

              -- To do additional work and assignments

              -- To actively participate in the group work"

              4.You may choose between two professors who will be teaching a course that you must take at your university. If the following statements are the only information available to you about the differences between the two professors, which professor would you choose? Why?

              -- A professor who proves to be very popular in students’ evaluations

              -- A professor who was recently given an award for outstanding research.托福阅读算分

              5.As a student of university that has a long break between university semesters, the university requires all students to do one of the following for one month during the break:

              1)students must take a course on the subject that has no direct connection to their majors of study.

              2)students must volunteer to work in the city where the university is located or their hometowns to improve some aspects of life of the city or their own town.

              Which one do you think is more beneficial for students in their university, why? "

              6.Sometimes we are assigned to work in a group on a project. Do you agree or disagree the following statement? The group will be helped more by members who are willing to do what other group members want them to do than by those who strongly insist that things should be done in a different way.

              7.Rather than help their children do schoolwork, parents should encourage their children do their homework independently.

              8.Some young people are free in the evenings or have days off at school, which way can bring them the most benefit?

              1)to accumulate work experience by a part-time job or volunteering in a community

              2)learning to play a sport

              3)learning to play a musical instrument "

              9.At some universities, students take part in making decisions about the issues that affect daily life of everyone on campus, such as how many hours that the libraries should be open each day or what kinds of food should be served in the cafeteria. But at some universities, experts are hired to make these decisions, students almost never involved. Which approach do you prefer and why.

              10.Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child (ages 5 to 10)? Why?

              1)Being helpful to others

              2)Being honest

              3)Being well-organized

              Use specific examples and evidences to support your answer. "





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