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              TASK 1

              1.Nowadays many people choose to move to a new place to live for the sake of work, study or some other reasons. Can you talk about the disadvantage of moving to a newplace? Give specific explanations in your response.

              Sample response:

              Personally, the most striking disadvantage is unfamiliarity.

              For example, now I am studying TOEFL to prepare for my overseas studying one year later. It’s easy to imagine when I move to a new country to live for two years or more, no matter America or Spain or Britain and so on, I might be unfamiliar with many things, such as which restaurant has the most delicious foods, which hospital is the most suitable when I am sick, where I can hang out with my friends and so forth, all of which may pose inconvenience to my daily life and I may have to adapt myself to it for a while.

              2.Some universities are located in small towns or rural areas. Can you talk about the advantage and/or disadvantage of placing a university in such a place?

              Sample response:

              In my view, the most remarkable advantage is that this can help students save money. If the university is located at such a place, maybe the university isfar away from shopping malls or recreational centers, then in the spare time students are less likely to go off campus to spend money on various movies, bars, delicious foods and elegant restaurants, new clothes and shoes and so on. However, if the university is located at the city center, you can imagine, after schools students tend to hang out in bars, eating in restaurants or singing in KTVs and so forth, then money will be spent or even wasted to some extent.toefl听力技巧

              3.If there is achance for you and your friend to open a company, which kind of company orindustry would you like to choose and why? Give specific explanations in your response.

              Sample response:

              If having the chance, definitely we will open a small travel agency because we are fond of travelling. When having such an agency, we may travel to many countries aroundthe world along with the clients. If there are guests going to Singapore, apart from taking care of the guests, I may also have chance to taste the authentic Singapore foods like Chili crab and admire the view of Marina Bay Sand and largest infinity swimming pool in the world. If there are guests going to America, I may get the chance to see the White House, the Niagara Falls and many prestigious universities and so on. I think opening a travel agency willen rich my life.

              4. One of your good friends is about to study in a foreign university for one year, after finishing that year’s study, your friend will have to study another year in his own university to successfully graduate, which means he has to spend one more year to get his bachelor degree. As for this condition, do you have any advice to your friend, should he go or not?

              Sample response:

              I suggest my friend should cherish this chance to study one more year in a foreign university.

              The most remarkable reason is that he may experience the exotic culture. For example, my friend isa Chinese student, if he studies in Singapore for one year, then he may taste the authentic Singapore foods, such as the curry foods, the chili crab, the Hainanese chicken rice. Apart from the food culture, the beautiful landmarks, like the Marina Bay sand, the largest infinity swimming pool in the world, the tropical scenery may also expand his horizon. He uses one year to see a new and splendid world and this year will be impressive.

              Sample response:

              I don’t recommend my friend to join such a program because it is money wasting. My friend is a Chinese student; but if he exchanges to America for one year, he might spend more money. For example, the tuition for a college student in Chinais around 1000 dollars per year, however, the tuition for a college student in America might be around 50 thousand dollars per year. Apart from studying, the cost for renting a housing, taking a taxi, eating in a restaurant will also bemore expensive than that in China. All of these may increase his parents’ economic burden. That’s my advice.


              5.The community in your school is going to start new courses at weekend for students to study, which of the following courses would you like to choose?

              ---courses on how to deliver a speech

              ---courses on improving your photography

              ---courses on business skills

              Sample response:

              As for these three courses, my favorite choice would be the business skills.

              The most important reason is that my major is business management and in the futureI desire to be a boss in the travel industry. However, I know running a company has never been an easy thing. Therefore, taking such a course may help me to improve my business skills like how to establish a company, how to exploit the market, how to promote the sales, how to manage my employees and so on. All these are not only useful to my major study but also beneficial to my future development. That’s my choice, thanks.

              6. The school newspaper is going to add anew section so as to better satisfy students’ need, from your perspective,which one do you think is the best choice?

              --tips and advice on students travel

              --restaurant review

              --film recommendation

              7. The government is planning to invest money in a certain field, which of the following field do you think should be given priority to get money support?

              --land exploration


              --health care

              8. Your university has just received abunch of money donated by the generous alumni and which aspect do you think the money should be given to?

              --a stadium

              --a theater

              --a game center

              9. Your university is going to add new cur riculums concerning real working situations to better satisfy students’ interest, which of the following choices would you prefer to participate?

              ---sport team management

              ---government administration

              ---TV programing

              10. When studying or working, people, especially youngsters, constantly need to rent a room with others, from your experience, which quality do you think is the most important when choosing a roommate?





              TASK 2

              1.Some people prefer to have a job that has a regular schedule, which means you may go to work at 9 in the morning and get off work at 17 in the afternoon. Some people prefer to have a job that has a flexible schedule, which means you may don't have to go to work at a certain time and you can arrange your own schedule. Which one do you prefer and why?

              Sample response:

              Personally, I prefer the latter one.

              Firstly, this helps me save time. I may arrange my schedule to avoid the traffic jam in rushhours. However, if choosing the first one, in my city when everyone goes towork and gets off work at a certain time, the traffic will be very congested, you may spend 2 more hours than the normal time in commuting.

              Secondly, this may help me save money. For example, in my city, normally I may only spend around 10 dollars by taxi in commuting 15 kilometers. However, if choosing the first one and meeting the traffic jam, I may have to spend around 20 dollars by taxi in commuting the same distance.

              2.Three months later you will be graduating from your university and you are looking for a job. It happens the other day you got a job offer from one of your desired companies, however, the headquarters of this company is far from yourdormitory. As for this condition, you are offered two choices on theinterviewing; one is the telephone interview and the other is the face-to-faceinterview which entails a long journey to that company. Which choice would you prefer? Give specific explanation in your response.

              Sample response:

              As for these two choices, definitely I will choose the telephone interview.

              One reason is this choice is time-saving. Staying in my dormitory, the moment the interviewer picks up my phone, the instant we can start the interview, it is very efficient. However, if having the face-to-face interview, I might spend 3-4 hours commuting from my house to that company.

              The other reason is economical. Having the telephone interview, lasting 15- 20 mins, actually the cost might be no more than 2 dollars. However, if going to that company, in my city the transportation cost might be 10 dollars by subway and if by taxi, the cost might be over 100 dollars.

              3.As for important business meetings, do you prefer to have face-to-face meeting or have the meetings through advanced technologies like telephones?

              Sample response:

              If I were the boss, I would recommend my staffs to have the meetings through something like telephones. The most remarkable reason is that this choice is very economical. When having the face-to-face meeting, if two sides are in different cities, then staffs from one company may have to go to another city, then money will be spent on airplane tickets or train tickets, booking hotels or restaurants and so on, the cost might be over hundreds of dollars. On the contrary, if having meetings through telephone, arranging a certain time, staffs from both sides just need to sit before the screen to have the meeting, the cost might be less than 5 dollars.

              4.Some day inthe future the library will be replaced by e-books and other electronic devices, then libraries will no longer exist in universities. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

              Sample response:

              Personally speaking, this trend is beneficial.

              The most remarkable reason is saving money. For schools, using the e-books and electronic devices, the university doesn’t have to build a library or rehabilitate the old library, which is money-saving; also there is the wear and tear, the more students read and borrow paper books, the more money schools will have to spend on maintenance and repairs. Apart from those, the price for an e-book is much cheaper than the price for one paper book, then the universities can save abunch of money when buying materials for students or teachers for reference.


              5.Nowadays some parents and students choose to have the home school, which means students listen to class and finish their assignments at home through the on-line educational system and they don’t have to go to the campus. Do you agree ordisagree with this form of education and why?

              Sample response:

              I really think the home-school education is beneficial.

              For onething, it is very economical. Studying at home, students don’t have to spend money on transportation, like taking a bus or a taxi. Also, they don’t have toeat in restaurants in schools, instead they may eat at home. These two things will save a bunch of money and relieve their parents’ economic burden.

              For another thing, this choice helps students save time. Studying at home, the moment students get up, the instant they can have classes. However, if going to schools, commuting from homes to schools, during the morning and evening rush hours, students may waste a lot of time, maybe two hours or more.

              6.While traveling, some students like to be isolated with their family members and friends; some students prefer to contact with family members and friends constantly, which one do you prefer and why?

              7.When travelling in a new place, people constantly need to find their ways to the places they like, some people prefer to use the electronic map downloaded in their cellphones, while some people prefer to consult pedestrians, like native people or other travelers, face to face, which one do you think is better and why?

              8.Your city is about to build a new factory so as to provide more job opportunities for citizens, however, the factory might lead to environmental pollution to some extent, do you agree or disagree to build such a new factory?

              9.When visiting museums to see the exhibitions, some people prefer to take some photos while some people prefer to just look around, which one do you prefer and why? Give your explanations in your response.

              10.Some people prefer to praise the good things children have done; some people prefer to punish the bad things kids have done, which choice do you think is more appropriate and why? Give your explanations in your response.






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